Locking Wheel

Locking Wheel

Our 3” locking wheel covers a wide range of typical bar sizes and provides for ease of use and secure installation. Whether you’re spacing a caisson in a bridge structure or rebar in your precast facility, our wheel attaches securely and will be in the right place when the concrete is poured. Our improved zip tie design makes it easy to install the wheels and ensures that once installed, they are there to stay.

Application: Foundations, bridge decks, parking structures, caissons, precast
Cover Height: 3″ (1 1/2” – 4” coming soon!)
Features: Strong, easy to use, secure connection, multiple bar sizes.

Order Code
3" for #3 to #6 BarBOX5016800

100% made in the usa

Plastics use 100% recycled material

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