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Concrete Dobies

The term “Dobies” has become the trade name for concrete rebar supports over these last fifty years.

They come with, or without tie wire inserted in the concrete brick. We manufacture these in regular strength, 4000 PSI mix design, or higher strength for specific jobs.

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Form Supports & Spreaders

These are typically used by general contractors in bridge decks and other concrete forming applications. They come in longer sizes such as 24” or 48”, and depending on length, will be reinforced with rebar. Form supports are also stocked in 5”, 5 ½”, 6”, and many other heights.

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Plastic Spacers & Wheels

We first designed the On Grade Square Chair application almost thirty years ago under a different name. Now we have three plastic chair types: Square Chair, Tilt Chair, and Hi Chairs.

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Slab Bolster

We spared no expense on the new bolster, and have re-engineered the buckles.

Available in both boxes or pre-assembled in 10’ lengths, we have had incredible success with the new and improved bolster. Currently, we do not manufacture a lightweight-use bolster, but have chosen to provide a super strong slab bolster to meet the demands of the toughest commercial projects. Available with or without staple down legs.

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Concrete Accessories for all jobs, large and small

ICP continues its legacy of innovation 25 years after developing the industry’s original plastic on-grade chair.


By definition, to be dependable means to be trustworthy and reliable. You can count on us at ICP. We boast the largest inventory of dobies in the country, ready to ship when your order is placed. If you’ve ever been told you have to wait for dobies, the word wait is not in our vocabulary.


We test our mix designs daily to ensure that your orders meet the criteria you expect. Our plastic parts are free of flash and produced from injection molds with the latest technology.

High Strength

Our regular strength dobies will average a compressive strength between 4,000 and 5,000 psi. We regularly stock higher strength dobies for DOT work in many sizes. Our range of bricks, dobies, and form spreaders is the largest inventoried product line in the industry. For our line of plastic bar supports we use engineered resins and our load strengths are among the best in the industry.

of manufacturing excellence

of Manufacturing Excellence

ICP has a long-running legacy of innovation in the concrete accessories industry. Starting in 1966, George Hartzheim founded our first concrete company, manufacturing dobies for the rebar fabricators and placers. Since the inception of the company, the rebar fabricator and placer was our primary product for concrete reinforcement. Today we continue the legacy of innovation with new products and new markets. We service dealers and contractors nationwide with high quality concrete spacers, plastic spacers, rebar ties, slab bolsters, and more. If you’re looking for a supplier with a proven history and excelling in performance, look no further. 

100% made in the usa

Plastics use 100% recycled material

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