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High Chairs

Our plastic rebar support “High Chairs” range in size from 3” to 14” in height. From 3” to 10 1/4” in height, each chair has two cover heights. Above 10 1/4” they have a single cover height per chair. Designed to be extremely strong yet able to straddle a lower rebar mat, these chairs have a wide, stable base with a footprint that is designed to work well in architectural applications, yet able to carry very heavy loads and protect wood forms.

Our innovative “Z” top provides maximum strength and ease of use, while providing for ease of access when tying to rebar. The Z-tops also have large spacing between the legs for maximum concrete flow and consolidation, and large easy-to-read height markers.

Application: Thick slabs, double rebar mats, heavy loads.
Cover Height: From 3″ to 14″
Features: Bridge decks, parking structures, foundations, and (with a sand plate) on-grade applications.

ItemDescriptionPackPack QuantityBoxes / PalletQuantity/Pallet
HI-CHAIR300/3253" - 3 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX250164,000
HI-CHAIR350/3753 1/2" - 3 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX200163,200
HI-CHAIR400/4254" - 4 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX200163,200
HI-CHAIR450/4754 1/2" - 4 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX200163,200
HI-CHAIR500/5255" - 5 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX150162,400
HI-CHAIR550/5755 1/2" - 5 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX150162,400
HI-CHAIR600/6256" - 6 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX150162,400
HI-CHAIR650/6756 1/2" - 6 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX150162,400
HI-CHAIR700/7257" - 7 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX125162,000
HI-CHAIR750/7757 1/2" - 7 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX100161,600
HI-CHAIR800/8258" - 8 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX120161,920
HI-CHAIR850/8758 1/2" - 8 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX105161,680
HI-CHAIR900/9259" - 9 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX90161,440
HI-CHAIR950/9759 1/2" - 9 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX75161,200
HI-CHAIR1000/102510" - 10 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX75161,200
HI-CHAIR105010 1/2" HIGH CHAIRBOX7512900
HI-CHAIR107510 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX7512900
HI-CHAIR112511 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR115011 1/2" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR117511 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR122512 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR125012 1/2" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR127512 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
Hi-CHAIR132513 1/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR135013 1/2" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600
HI-CHAIR137513 3/4" HIGH CHAIRBOX5012600

100% made in the usa

Our Plastic Rebar Chairs use 100% recycled material

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